Dedacciai makes its tubes with the best aluminum alloy available today. Top quality performance is obtained with the use of SC 6110 A-T6 and 7003-T6 alloy whose breaking points easily reach 470 N/mm2 and which posses a surface hardness of 135 HV after aging and heat treatments. Heat treatment act on these high Cu-Zn-Mn content aluminum alloys to confer high quality mechanical properties and superior resistance to the cyclical stresses, competition frames and normally subjected too. What's more these special chemical compositions prevent stresses corrosion effects and facilitate welding. Thanks to their low sensitivity to temperature, they are particularly suitable when building complex, TIG-welded structures.

Dedacciai's drawing and differentiated thickness technology means varying requirements can be combined in the same frame. Examples of this are maximum lightness of the tubes, high mechanical properties and the unrivalled reliability of the finished product. Thanks to the high levels of plasticity in our alloys, we are able to obtain exceptionally slim sections and differentiated conical fittings with reduction values of over 50%. Maximum exploitation of these characteristics with the use of A.B.T. (Advanced Butt Technology) allows us to produce extremely light-weight tubes of high mechanical resistance. We also reduce thickness in areas least subject to stress. This means thickness may be increased in the zones subject to higher levels of mechanical and thermal stress as a result of heating due to welding. The introduction of Low Torsion Profile (L.T.P) also allows us to improve the structural resistance of each individual tube and thus that of the entire frame structure itself. All Dedacciai products are built to recent UNI-ENI 9000 series EU specifications for obtaining quality certification. They are a guarantee of total reliability and safety in every class of bicycle activity. The product cycle used a Dedacciai does not result in the emission of toxic or harmful fumes.

The top working performance of the T6 version tubes are ensured by their final heat treatment, designed to bestow maximum resistance to breakage, yielding (plastic sag), knocks and repeated stress (fatigue resistance). Light allows heat treatment are based on a solubility variation in the solid state of some constituents. These are mostly inter-metalic compounds such as AuAl2 of Mg2Si in Aluminum, depending on temperature. Heat treatment to which Dedacciai subjects it tubes consists of a heating phase in purpose-built furnaces at a temperature form 450 to 460 C, followed by fast cooling at a speed of 1 C a second and then aging. This last phase is made up two thermal cycles, one of 8 hours at 95 C and another of 16 hours, at 165 C. All production procedures are conducted in strict conformity with current international norms and regulations. Ongoing technical research means we can now introduce Kinetic Energy Treatment. This is an avant-garde system involving the controlled transfer of kinetic energy to the tubes surface molecules. It obtains a 30% increment in mechanical resistance.