DEDACCIAI provides for producers and bicycle lovers a service that employs the deep knowledge and the long experience in the field of projecting and production of bicycle tubes. This technology, achieved by the collaboration between demand and experience of bicycle frame manufactures, has lead to the realization of a high quality product.

DEDACCIAI produces tubes of the highest quality, using the best steel available for the construction of Racing, Competition and MTB frames. We obtain the best results using 18MCDV6 Steel. The chemical composition of this steel prevents the phenomenon of brittleness which can occur during the cooling subsequent to the assembly of the frames. As with all the HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy) steels, with the 18MCDV6, the best mechanical characteristics are achieved, with final tensile strength which can easily reach 1200 N/mm2 after cold-drawing and 1400 N/mm2 with special heat treatment. Another particularly interesting point that further demonstrates the quality of 18MCDV6, it is that not only does it have a very high resistance but it also has great ability to bend before reaching the final breaking point, a characteristic which contributes to the realization of a "structure", that is a frame, which is extremely reliable and safe.

The technology of butting tubes used by DEDACCIAI allows us to satisfy different requirements of customers, which are maximum lightness, superior mechanical characteristics and exceptional reliability of the finished product. The lightness is achieved through an improved butt geometry (A.B.T.-Advanced Butt Technology) which allows a reduction of the thickness of the tubes and hence a reduction in the weight in the lower stress areas. The final tensile strength is the result of the cold deformation (cold-drawing) to which the steel tubes are put under. At the same time this process achieves both the differentiation of the thickness throughout the length of the tube and the raising of the final tensile strength. DEDDACCIAI products are manufactured to conform to the recent EEC regulations UNI-EN29000 and receive the EEC certificate of quality, which guarantees absolute reliability and safety. The production of DEDACCIAI tubes in no way causes toxic or dangerous fumes to be released in the atmosphere.

The Superior performances of the H.T. tube version are ensured by the final heat treatment process, which improves tensile strength, yield strength, in-service fatigue limit and superficial hardness. The whole process consists in a succession of thermal treatment at different temperatures followed by an oil-quenching. It is performed in an oxygen free atmosphere, which avoid superficial decarburization of the steel. The sum of high tensile strength and young module of the material leads to an excellent weight/stiffness ratio product.

18MCDV6 Chemical Composition (data is percentage of weight)
Carbon (c) 0.16/0.19Silicio (si) 0.25/0.40Maganese (Mn) 1.40/1.60
Cromo (Cr) 0.45/0.55Molibdeno (Mo) 0.25/0.35Allumino (Al) 0.02/0.04
Vandaio (Va) 0.10/0.15Nickel (Ni) 0.25

25CrMo4 Chemical Composition (data is percentage of weight)
Carbon (c) 0.22/0.2Silicio (si) 0.40Maganese (Mn) 0.60/0.90
Cromo (Cr) 0.90/1.20Molibdeno (Mo) 0.15/0.30

Microalloy steel characterized by the presence of alloy elements as Chromium and Mobildeno that contribute to an improvement of the mechanical characteristics and a limitation of the breaking after the welding.